Frédéric d'Ansembourg

Objet d'Art et Bijoux anciens

  - A gothic revival gold bracelet adorned with a star sapphire
  - Gold bracelet composed of three medallions set with palm wood cabochon
  - A gold an enameld bracelet signed Frascarolo
  - Yellow gold bracelet consisting of 7 articulated plates engraved and carved.
  - Rigid hinged yellow gold bracelet set with a cameo agate center in high relief depicting a Greek philosopher.
  - Rigid gold bracelet decorated with a golden filigree decor from Etruscan inspiration whose center dome is decorated with small pearls surrounding an old size diamond.
  - Stiff bracelet in rose gold forming a belt. The loop is set with 31 diamonds 8/8.
  - Flexible gold and doubled silver bracelet compounded with 13 shackles on a flower motif set with pink diamonds and old size brilliant.
  - Ribbon platinum bracelet compounded with openwork geometric patterns set with half size diamonds 8/8 and 4 patterns set with three baguettes each.
  - Hinged bracelet in yellow gold adorned with five agate cameos including a negro head and two made of coral.
  - N/A
  - Yellow gold bangle adorned with a grained and filigree gold work around 12 coral beads.
  - Important soft rose gold bracelet composed of hexagonal links staggered adorned with gold balls and 73 diamonds 8/8 old size set in white gold.
Giuliano Carlo - Enamel and pearl gold bangle
  - Diamond and enamel Bangle/Brooch
  - N/A
  - N/A
  - N/A
  - Braided gold bracelet
  - Flexible white gold necklace an bracelet representing a snake set with emerald cabochon and diamonds?
  - A gothic revival gold bracelet adorned with a star sapphire