Frédéric d'Ansembourg

Objet d'Art et Bijoux anciens

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  - Pair of yellow gold earrings model called "poissardes"
  - "Millegrains" platinum pair of earrings formed by a node and an interlacing of old size brilliant and rose diamonds surrounding a pear shaped pink tourmaline.
  - N/A
  - Pair of yellow gold and silver clips earrings forming a flower set of brilliant old size cut.
  - Art Deco Earrings in white gold set with 44 old size brilliant each.
  - Pair of earrings shaped  as a lantern in carved gold decorated with enamel motifs and 4 small baroque pearl tassels.
  - Pair of earrings in gold representing inverted hearts decorated with a filigree work and flowers in three shades of gold set with small diamonds.
  - Pair of earrings Belle Epoque in white gold composed of a floral pattern in a work beading set with diamond roses ending with 7 rows of seed pearls and adorned with a pearl clasp.
  - Pair of gold ear clips set with multiple semi precious stones
  - Pair of neo antique pendants gold earrings and malachite
  - Pair of gold earrings in the shape of miniature chandelier.